2012 / 12 / 27

Participation in the World Health Summit M8

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The Russian Young Doctors League participated in the World Health Summit "M8 Alliance", organized in 2009 by Charite Medical University and Paris Decartes University which stood for the establishment of internationally elite scientific group, combining prestigious medical institutions to discuss scientific, political and economic issues related to medicine and public health at the international level.

Following problems were discussed during the World Health Summit 2011:

  • Response to Global Emerging Infectious Outbreaks
  • No Health without Mental Health
  • Adolescent Health -  its promise and potential,
  • Global Health Workforce Crisis
  • The Future of Medical Education in a Globalized World
  • Promoting Health, Preventing NCD,
  • Evidence to Policy Linkages
  • Strengthening National Governance of Research for Health
  • Ensuring Public Health in Times of Climate Change
  • Bridging Health Gaps with Vaccine
  • Innovation for Diseases of Global Health Importance
  • Product Development for Neglected Patients

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